Welcome to the NCNA

Welcome to the Nichols Canyon Neighborhood Association (NCNA).

We are the residents of the Nichols Canyon and together we protect the quality of the community and the environment in area. We supply other services for which there are no existing resources. As a group we guide the city in prioritizing and providing street maintenance and traffic control. Together, we supplement and support the city’s policing efforts through our Neighborhood Watch program.  Through our website and our email tree, NCNA volunteers provide ways for neighbors to communicate quickly and easily in the event of emergencies both large and small.

The NCNA is neighbors serving neighbors for the good of the community.


City of L.A. Telephone Numbers and Websites


City of L.A. Telephone Numbers

  • Park-related emergencies 323.913.7390
  • Utilities Water and Power Service 800.342.5397, Gas Service 800.427.2200
  • Traffic Signals 213.580.1177, Road closures (Cal Trans) 800.427.7623, Street Lights 800.996.2489
  • American Red Cross public information 213.739.5200
  • Infrastructure Building Inspection 888.524.2845, Storm damage/mud slide reports 888.524.2845, Refuse collection 800.773.2489, Sewer/storm drain problems 800.773.2489, Trees down/debris removal & related problems 800-.996.2489
  • Animal Services 888.452.7381
  • LA Sanitation will replace or repair your missing or broken bin at no additional cost 800.773.2489



NCNA Mailing list

The NCNA Mailing List is a private and secure system run exclusively by and for the NCNA.  It is used sparingly and all information given to the moderator is considered confidential, especially email addresses. The moderator gathers data from city agencies and NCNA stakeholders and then distributes emails that are useful to residents of the Nichols Canyon area.

The NCNA Mailing List serves as the primary way to distribute crime alerts and it is a major component of our Neighborhood Watch system.  It also addresses issues like emergency alerts, public works projects and anything else that directly affects our stakeholders.

If you have not already signed-up for the NCNA Mailing List, you can do so below. You’ll be glad you did. 




We are the residents of Nichols Canyon

The NCNA is an all-inclusive, volunteer organization dedicated to keeping our community a safe and beautiful place to live and work. Anyone who resides in the area covered by the NCNA is automatically a member of the association. There are no dues or fees. We welcome those who can actively participate in the association and appreciate those who participate simply by being members of the community.

We believe in the responsibility of the individual and the strength of the group.

Together we can be prepared for emergencies like earthquakes and fires. Together we can protect and care for our children, our homes, and our pets. Together, through respect for each other and cooperation with the city, we can make our neighborhood the very best it can be.